“My Passion For What I Do Transfers Into My Services”

I enjoy creating the details, regardless of whether it is working with architectural, retail display, or ship models. I listen to what the client wants and work to that goal.

Models + Miniatures offer services that cover all aspects of these different types of projects. When everything is handmade one has to be creative in developing or simplifying all the details that go into making a project come to life.


Our services cover miniature, scale models and full-scale models

Architectural Models


Model Kit Creation






Facilitating 3-D Printing


I apply our skills to our primary groups, Architects, Retail Display Mockups and Model Boats and Accessories.

Architectural Models

A well-executed model can bring clarity and make concrete, to a client, an architect’s vision. This aids the architect in bringing that vision to reality. From basic massing to true representation, interior, and exterior models are built off your plans or sketches.

  • Exterior
  • Site
  • Interior
  • Detailed
  • Study model
  • Basswood model

Display Mockups

The success of a retail store begins with preplanning the layout, allowing for rough calculations of sales per square foot. It is also very helpful to have a visual of the space. While 3D renderings give a screen version of space, a miniature, or full size scale mockup, produced in economical materials such as foamcore, are invaluable in proving concept. This allows designers and clients to experience and merchandise the mock-ups. And offer the flexibility of physical layout without the expense of prototyping in actual materials.

  • Display cases
  • Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Flexible
    • Easy to change
    • Easy to move
  • Detailed

Model Boat Accessories and Fittings

To model boat enthusiasts, Aimee, also known as “Umi_Ryuzuki” and is one of a handful of model boat parts and accessories creators in the North America. The parts and fittings are recognized for their detail and craftsmanship, regardless of the scale. The products are produced in small batches, ensuring maximum quality and detail.